"Fuck you," said the raven.

"christopher nolan is this generation’s alfred hitchcock"

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ughhhhhhhhh they want me to pay 37 bucks 2 renew my domain name nd I only bought it for ten stay in ur lane GoDaddy

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Jason Schwartzman and Elisabeth Moss are pushed to their breaking points in the first trailer and clips for Listen Up Philip, one of the best films of the year.

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tsh characters according to the random aesthetic generator


francis: gay destructive pink maenad 

richard: unsettling dryad wannabee judas

camilla: spooky ethereal nightmare idol 

henry: classic devastating slacker nymph 

bunny: soft robot nightmare disaster

charles: soft nocturnal lumberjack ghost

[random aesthetic generator]

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Delphine making looks for our look book shoot @delphinedanhier 👌MNZ SS15 by maryam_nassir_zadeh http://ift.tt/1uR45EG

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Would it help if I said my facial expressions out loud?

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     this movie was off the chain      shit      frank      film
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     need to watch like asap whoops      starred up      film
Q: please PM: so my friend and i have been debating this for months and finally want to settle it. is Ronon from the raven boys gay, bi, or ace. or simply what is Ronon attracted to.


Adam Parrish.

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     UM      RIP      the raven cycle
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ALSO broad city’s back in january 2015 clearly making january the best month bc also veep and shameless premiere then so??? good

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  1. MACBETH: arent you going to wash your hands
  2. LADY MACBETH: lol what
  3. no
  4. MACBETH: youre covered in blood
  5. LADY MACBETH: lets make out
  6. MACBETH: what
  7. LADY MACBETH: it’ll be metal as hell
  8. MACBETH: i don’t know
  9. LADY MACBETH: god it’s like being married to my fucking grandmother
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i semi forgot abt margot robbie for a bit there but turns out she’s playing live action jane in a tarzan movie with alexander skarsgard and also her and charlie hunnam are doin sthg together


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