"Fuck you," said the raven.


There’s two types of anger one is dry and the other wet and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and I hate that cause I feel weak when I’m crying while angry I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger means you’re done.

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#god this is always so beautiful to me #raleigh is so beautifully kind here #not ‘let me save you mako’ but #’let me do this last task mako you did everything important and let me just do this simple thing’

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Julio César, N_4, 2014, image posted with permission of the artist.


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weird day today 

cool bc I was assistant to our temp director rene naufahu for the day who is a general chill guy who incidentally has just released his first feature (The Last Saint) which is a banger hit it up and it was nice to just connect with him which sounds stupid but that feeling when you gel with someone is so unparalleled plus I had epic mentor crush tbh he’s so wise and also hot 

one time he caught me smiling randomly at someone/something and stared at me for a bit and when I was like ‘do you need something’ he grinned and said ‘no I was just watching you smiling thanks for the love soph’ :))))))))))))

but then actor boy was there today finally and I didn’t really get to talk to him at all while the cuter older version of me was there giggling and flirting at him it’s like I think I’ve got something going for me and I’m excited and then it just fizzles and dies like some sad little firework it’s so pathetic

I watched him walk down the hallway at one point and got really upset idk why and I nearly started crying on set which was like……………………wtf

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writing the worst screenplay imaginable there’s zero dialogue so it’s j turning into a written storyboard how will i ever make hot actor love me 

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ART: Unsuspecting NYC Collages by Kalen Hollomon

So yeah, Kalen Hollomon is amazing. The rising artist has taken her brilliant collaging to New York City’s streets and its underground, superimposing clippings from fashion and vintage porno magazines onto unsuspecting subway riders and mundane city scenes. 

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Exciting news for the bookish fashionistas out there: Fashion designer Kate Sylvester has created a collection based on the literary world of Donna Tartt! Kate Sylvester calls it "a nonchalant, slouchy celebration of casual luxury and sartorial classics."

See more photos here and here.

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The title of the work is identical to a series of photographs by Huseyin shot in Odessa, showing curtains blowing in the wind. These images inspired an installation of hardened lace curtains, frozen in time and space. The work refers to the gesture of opening the windows to set free the soul of the deceased, as well as the idea of a spirit present in a room, mysteriously lifting the curtains to reveal its presence.

Gabriel Lester,Melancholia in Arcadia (2011)

All rights are reserved. Photography by Peter Cox. 
Rabo Art Collection

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