"Fuck you," said the raven.


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for house of hackney, 2013

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Q&A: ANGELS IN AMERICA cast mate Dan Musgrove


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Breakfast by Kristian van der Beek 

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Reid Scott, ph. Tony Duran - Interview Magazine

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Shinji Moon 

Burn all your bridges
just so that you can build them again
with thicker ropes. 

Hurt all the people you love
and then commit every felony to win them back. 

Drown yourself in bleach until not even Heaven’s light
can compare to how bright you burn. 

Turn yourself inside out
and paint your organs the color of what you see
in your dreams. 

This is the art of 
living with a ticking heart, a grenade you
throw through windows to make a 
point that language 
has no room for. 

This is how I destroyed you.

And this,
is how I kept you alive. 

Dig yourself a ditch, six
feet deep, and bury everything that you’ve ever
said, everything that you’ve never
meant, and everything that has
burned you and left you with nothing
but ash. 

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history meme - one war (1/1)

The Cold War (1947-1981) was a sustained period of conflict, primarily between the USSR and the USA. Spurred on by continuing tensions from the end of WWII, The Cold War was a clash of ideologies - communism (Soviet Russia) vs. capitalism (America), with each side vying for dominance in a bitter power struggle. The term ‘Cold War’ comes not from Russia’s climate, but instead refers to the lack of actual army-to-army warfare taking place. Instead, both counties fought for their beliefs through technological advances such as the space and arms races, while their client states fought in proxy wars - e.g. Vietnam and Korea.

What may have eventually ensured that The Cold War didn’t become ‘hot’ was the impending threat of nuclear warfare. Both the USSR and the USA had frantically stockpiled as many nuclear weapons as possible in the struggle to be the superior military force, but the threat atom bombs posed was not so well known until 1952, when America exploded the H-Bomb; 2500 times more powerful than that dropped in Hiroshima. Russia followed suit, possessing their own H-Bomb by the following year. Suddenly, the world was a much more dangerous place. Both nations knew that if they were to fire their missiles, the enemy would respond immediately; resulting in wide-spread mass destruction for them both. As Soviet leader Nikita Chrushev said: “The survivors of a nuclear war would envy the dead.” [+more]

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Keaton Henson

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Even if
you slit my throat,
I’d thank you
for touching my skin.

Julia Pollacco - n-o-t-y-o-u-r-s (via perfect)
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Temple of Isis, Egypt, early 20th century

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